Electric Kitchen Set


A range is the all-in-one cooking center of your kitchen. This appliance is found in so many kitchens because of its versatility and unending usefulness. You can bake, broil or cook every meal on the unit that combines a stovetop, oven, broiler and often a storage area for pans and baking sheets.

Wall Oven

One of the most sleek and stylish appliances to have in any kitchen is a Wall Oven. Wall ovens are specially built into your kitchen cabinetry to incorporate a seamless design, while also providing ample counter-top space. Easy to install and maintain - These models plug into an electric source, eliminating the need for a gas line. They are also simpler to clean, so you can worry less about upkeep and enjoy entertaining your guests.

Range Hoods

Range hoods from our comapny are a necessity for anyone who cooks frequently. Sometimes called an exhaust hood, extractor hood, vent or fan, range hoods help ventilate cooking spaces and kitchens from the smoke of blackened meat, airborne grease from cooking, steam from boiling, or any scents and odors. Our range hoods are the perfect complement for any range or cooktop.